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BRITEthink connects our members, who are international students, with UK universities while supporting them with the skills they need to start their academic journey.

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Robert Mitton

Having returned back to the UK from travel management, Robert grew himself to a senior management level within a year and now owns several businesses and he is an author. He has completed his EMBA in 2015 and is a qualified vocational assessor for work-based learning.


Panos Trakas

Originally from Athens, Panos came to London and soon built up a career in retail management working with high profile brands. He qualified from his degree in Psychology and is now working towards his MSc in Organisational Psychology. He has experience in training employees to managers and is a qualified assessor for vocational training.


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To make learning as simple as ABC, we have made the options hassle free. When you see a course which you want to enrol on, you will be able to register and complete that one course or register for a BRITER membership which gives us access to all the current micro courses and all new content for free.

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When enrolling in the course, you will be able to enter your details on the secure site. You will find that this gives you access to one course only.

BRITER membership

Becoming a BRITER member allows you to build up a strong portfolio of online learning and development. The membership will enable you to unlock as many courses both current and new! You will also benefit from:

BRITE online masterminds
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Turn six months of Micro courses into an accreditated certificate

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What our clients say

The courses are well balanced and engaging, it couldn’t have been better, with interesting interactive features such as digital brainstorming. I enjoyed the interaction from Robert and his explanations helped me to focus and understand more.

J. Abraham

I have never studied business before, and I didn’t know anything about this until this course. It was fast paced but engaging, and I kept up. It was good to be able to have people working on my business problem within the session, all the information which I learned from this day will help my startup to grow!

Liat Cohen

A detailed and step by step guide was given to help me understand the key areas of the course. I enjoyed speaking with the coach, his support and guidance helped me to become more motivated.

Kelsie Donnald

The online workshops and ways of working are insightful with good examples, Robert & Panos are very engaging and willing to adapt to request.

Josh Morgan

It is an amazing experience to be studying with BRITEthink. I hadn’t expected the come back to learning for some time as I left school more than 15 years ago and I am now a mother of 3 children, but with a little help and organisation from the team, I’m impressed with myself and all my outcomes from this business course.

Anhonmon Monet

The courses are planned and executed well, there was time for group discussions alongside the knowledge and theories which Robert brought to the table. 5 stars!!

Nicole Schtein

The online workshop and courses are insightful and exciting. I enjoyed the interaction and the guidance from Robert and Panos throughout the whole programme, it has helped me with ideas for my startup business