BRITEthink wins UK award

UK Enterprise Top 50!

We are delighted to have been awarded a UK Enterprise top 50 award from SME News, these awards come to those enterprises who showcase superior excellence, dedication and innovation against their competitors in a variety of different sectors including education, learning and development.

The awarding research team look at any recent changes or developments within the organisation over the last few years, such as expansions into new areas of business and major recruitment drives. They try to select the winners based not only on performance and continued success in their industry over recent times, but also those they feel will bring a unique and highly informative and new perspectives to the industry in which they work in.

BRITEthink is delighted to accept this achievement, we may still be a young business, however, the work which we have been developing across workshops and online learning are helping people across the world to up upskill themselves and continually grow to support business and career advancements. The last twelve months have been an interesting and innovative time for the business, we have had a massive switch to the online learning sector which we are growing in original content. This is something which we are now in the process of gaining more momentum and helping other organisations and training centres by producing highly engaging content which supports both online and offline delivery.

The future of BRITEthink is now exciting, we are supporting and collaborating more with other organisations in the delivery of training and workshops and whilst we build up a strong online learning community through the BRITEthink website, we are looking to take our training to new countries. Last year, we spent a lot of time developing workshops on creative leadership in London, Manchester (UK) and to Berlin followed by Tel Aviv. It is always interesting to see where we can fly the British innovation and education flag, more exciting days are yet to come!


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  1. Susan 02/11/2018 Reply

    Congratulations! Love the work which you are doing

  2. Joshua 02/11/2018 Reply

    This made great reading. Thank you for the support which I have had off the site and Brightthink over the year

  3. Jess Cohen 02/11/2018 Reply

    This is great news, congratulations Robert and the team, we hope to see you back here in Tel Aviv for more workshops soon

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