Meet The Team – Robert

Robert Mitton

Welcome to the ‘meet the team’ collection of blogs. Today, we are looking at one of BRITEthink’s founders – Robert.

Before starting the business, Robert had the first-hand experience in delivering excellent learning and development programmes for TUI Groups overseas delivery team. He quickly progressed to team leader and resort team manager roles in countries including Spain, France, Egypt and Morocco. It was within this role that he developed and presented in-house training. After nine years of working and living overseas, he returned to the UK and worked as student recruitment and marketing manager for what is now called Global University Systems. 

Robert started the business in 2014, delivering training for local colleges in South East London. In the earlier stages of the organisation, the focus was on leadership, business and marketing. Even in the early days, the business trained managers in Reed (a national recruitment company in the UK), The Chelsea FC Foundation and London councils of Westminster, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea.

Fast forward, and the business was developing organisational and trans-cultural workshops in London, Manchester, Tel Aviv and Berlin. While working in such culturally diverse destinations, he started to write his book ‘How to build a community in your business – to support innovation and productivity. ‘ The book is due to be published by USA publisher, Authors Place in early 2020.

While delivering workshops internationally, he met Augusto, who is now another founder, alongside Panos. The business started to develop into an online learning platform. Shortly after launching the website, they began to notice that it was becoming more popular with overseas learners. This changed the dynamics of learning, and started to become a global learning community, delivering courses in English and supporting career skills. The site offers free education and premium 1-1 learning.

Alongside work, Robert enjoys to travel; this came from his days working overseas, this year, he has been to Ukraine and Israel for both work and holiday visits. He is looking forward to visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina in fall.

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