Meet The Team – Kelsey


We are pleased to introduce you to Kelsey, one of our online coaches and community managers on BRITEthink. Looking after the member’s questions, assessments, and helping to develop new content is a big challenge, and Kelsey aims to strive for learner support excellence!


As we aim to grow BRITEthink, the role of our community managers takes more responsibility as we aim to offer different types of membership and learning opportunities. All while striving to keep the majority of our online, learning content free, meaning this is accessible to all!

Not all communication from BRITEthink comes from Kelsey. Those of you who visit our site may notice that we do work with chatbots who are ‘working away’, this is simply to ensure we can offer a form of service around the globe – even when some of us are sleeping, and Kelsey has helped to set the chat systems up.

Kelsey comes from a vocational teaching background with a focus on leadership and strategy, her skills and knowledge have allowed us to develop new and exciting content, not just for us, but for external clients too.

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