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Meet The Team – Panos

Welcome to BRITEthink’s meet the team, in this edition, we would like you to meet Panos whose skills range from online coach, facilitator, assessor and content maker! Panos has been with the team for several years and helped to develop a lot of the offline content into engaging online learning content. Skills have ranged from […]

Robert Mitton

Meet The Team – Robert

Welcome to the ‘meet the team’ collection of blogs. Today, we are looking at one of BRITEthink’s founders – Robert. Before starting the business, Robert had the first-hand experience in delivering excellent learning and development programmes for TUI Groups overseas delivery team. He quickly progressed to team leader and resort team manager roles in countries […]

Career Goals – 2019

Are you looking for a new career in 2019 and would like free online learning and mentorship which is going to help to support and grow your learning and development skills?  If so, BRITEthink has a new programme which is perfect for you.

UK Enterprise Top 50!

BRITEthink wins UK award

We are delighted to have been awarded a UK Enterprise top 50 award from SME News, these awards come to those enterprises who showcase superior excellence, dedication and innovation against their competitors in a variety of different sectors including education, learning and development. The awarding research team look at any recent changes or developments within […]