Offline learning experiences

BRITEthink supports offline learning and development alongside our online activities. We are happy to work alongside organisations, NGO’s, training centres and the public sector to create stimulating and informative learning and development packages. The methodology can include workshops and class-based sessions. The sessions can be stand-alone options or form part of a blended learning option – something which allows the learner to engage with online content and be able to top-up their skills on a continuous learning basis.

As a team of experienced tutors, facilitators and coaches, we have the ability to tailor-make packages to suit you’re needed. We have a range of subject matter experts who are on hand to deliver outstanding learning, with subjects ranging from leadership, strategy, business, marketing, digital marketing, health and social care, HR, finance and more. BRITEthink is on the register for training organisations in the UK and is a proud CPD member.

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Implementing Pedagogical Practices

As a training organisation, we follow pedagogical practices when delivery learning and development; from workshops to the development of curriculum. The methods which we apply within our field of work include learner to learner engagement, gamification of learning, differentiated assessment styles, blended learning approaches to instructions and kinaesthetic practices.

Bespoke learning

We are happy to work with a client to develop something unique. Over the years, we have gained experience in the development of workshops and continuous, life-long learning approaches. We are happy to work with ideas or from an already existing curriculum, to help bring the subject to life.

International Learning

Alongside workshops which we have delivered in the UK, we have offered learning experiences through workshops and courses in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Stockholm and Kyiv.