Israel Edtech Summit

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We have been involved in the Israel Edtech summit which is currently taking place in Tel Aviv. This event is a collaboration of innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs and those who want to inspire and develop students to achieve more. Throughout the event, there has been a variety of different ways in which we look at challenging the way people from all walks of life are learning.


Gathering together, to inspire and develop collaborative idea sharing to enhance the development of individuals is an annual event which is bringing together the best of the practices from countries which range from Israel, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa China and more.

Globally, there is a strong need for minds to work together to enhance learning and development. In an age where education-based activities in classrooms and training centres have not dramatically changed in recent years; coming to events like this help to understand where the future of the classroom and work-based training could be moving towards. Through this, development allows minds to be transformed and lets education challenge what institutions and corporates are currently offering students. After all, education paves the way for economies to develop and people to perform better.

Challenging the status quo with Edtech summits taking place here in Israel, and across the world are needed and something which global governments need to start paying attention too. Investment into education and the skills required now and in the future of work is an essential part of education development; these skills will support stable business environments through soft skills including communication, strategic thinking and problem-solving.

Even on the first day of the summit, we have found people who have been challenging how stress management is measured to help students perform better in tests and assessments through to companies offering code based learning and maths skills by merely opening up a smartphone.

Amongst all of this, BRITEthink aims to develop an online learning platform with content that helps to support the future of work. The courses which we offer are split into learning and developing new skills such as business English; a new direction within our learning community, which is launching next week.

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