How it works

BRITE will connect you to the right training or learning provider depending on your previous qualifications and work experience. We will not judge you if you have limited or poor qualifications, we will simply find the right level course to match your current skills. The college will then help to develop you, we work with learning centres which provide the right level of help and support to guide you to success.


All of our services are free and you will not find any hidden costs. All the courses are funded by either  the 24+ advanced learning loan or student finance, please refer to the funding section of this website for more information.

The process you will follow:

  • Send your interest to BRITE via the website or at an event.
  • We will review your application and then invite you to a 1:1 mentor session, interview at a learning centre or open day.
  • Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you back to say if you have been successful or not in your placement.
  • If successful, we will support you when completing any further college application forms.
  • The college or learning centre will support you when completing your funding application.

If you are not successful, we will guide you to alternative options.