Working the Gig Economy & Contract Work

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Working the gig economy and contract work is an exclusive extra course as part of the “How to” range of short courses on the site. These courses are identified with the orange question mark logo and have been designed to be more concise and more practical to the main courses on BRITEthink. The world of work is rapidly changing, with more people than ever choosing to work in self-employment. Within this course, I will cover the good things and the elements which you need to consider from my experiences before you dip into the gig economy world.

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Estimated Time: Micro @ 1hr | 97 online learners enrolled

Difficulty: Beginner


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Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Author

Digital marketing student

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  1. Jason101 29/09/2018 Reply

    I like how you are doing a course on this! I would like to be involved in more on the development of this course, is this ok?

    • Robert Mitton 29/09/2018 Reply

      Hi Jason, yes this is fine… we are looking for members of the community to actively help to build and develop what we offer. We will send you a private message via your account 🙂

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