Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

This course will study the role of strategic planning and management in an organisation and how internal and external environmental factors can influence the planning process. The course will also consider strategies to aid the organisation to achieve competitive advantage.

Strategic plans shape the long-term purpose and direction of businesses. These plans are agreed by the board in response to an evaluating of the internal and external business environment. The changing business environment often results in strategic plans then involves radical change as when a software house elects to develop electric vehicles.

You will learn about the importance of strategic planning in businesses and how and why businesses develop their strategic plan.


Understand a range of strategic planning models

Develop communication plans to support strategic planning

Understand a range of data collection methods

Develop knowledge of the implementation of strategies to operational plan


End of section activities, you can discuss your work with a coach privately or in the community

End of section, multiple choice questions

Course Information

Estimated Time: Micro Course @ 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Author

I am the founder of BRITEthink.... connect with me on Twitter @bobbymitton I am an author of a book "How to build a community in your business" which is being published by Motivational Press in Spring 2018

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  1. Josh Morgan 04/02/2018 Reply

    Really enjoyed the course, it has made me realise what I could now be doing in my current workplace

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