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Products that are effectively marketed bring benefits to businesses leading them to be seen as market leaders or technological innovators. These benefits bring growth and profits. You will gain an understanding of how marketing strategies are developed and aligned with other functional activities to contribute to a business’s success. Learners will learn how to identify and evaluate markets for products and services and how to use suitable marketing techniques to promote products and services. In managing strategic marketing activities, you will consider marketing and pricing techniques and a communication strategy that can also monitor the success of a specified product or service in its market.

Objectives of the course:
Implement a strategic marketing plan with a marketing mix and market segmentation
Be able to understand the right methods of communication and how to touch base with market
Understand how the develop a marketing plan and develop/adjust it

Testing of knowledge:

There are multiple choice questions throughout the course

Further Learning:

We would recommend you join Strategic Planning and Digital Marketing courses

Course Information

Estimated Time: Micro @ 2hrs | 201 online learners enrolled

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Author

Digital marketing student

What Others Have Said

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  1. Josh Morgan 29/09/2018 Reply

    This was interesting to help me pick up the main points of Marketing, will be be completing any more on Digital Marketing?

  2. Jason Lyle 14/11/2018 Reply

    This was good, I see how it is for a management view and I enjoyed learning this but will you be doing more on marketing for a marketer now coming or starting to work in this sector??

    • Robert Mitton 14/11/2018 Reply

      We are always looking to improve our content, I will take your feedback on board and we will see what we can do over the next few courses which we aim to now put together

  3. P Doyle 21/11/2018 Reply

    10/10 and I would highly recommend that you do this course alongside the Branding one!!

  4. Judy 01/12/2018 Reply

    Some interesting points have been met and I did like it, maybe in the future – more on the segmentation would be good. But it is good overall

  5. Paige 22/12/2018 Reply

    Really enjoyed the course and thank you for the 1-1 help on this

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