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In this free online course, you will learn how to inspire and engage stakeholders and colleagues to deliver results. You will be introduced to the principles supporting leadership and management and learn how current theories of management and leadership can be applied to specific workplace situations. This will enable you to examine the relationship between management and leadership and the different perspectives, particularly in relation to the behaviour of managers/leaders.
You will examine the impact an organisation’s structure and culture have on the leadership and management practices. The structure and culture of an organisation are key factors which contribute to motivating the workforce at all levels of the organisation.
Develop an understanding of leadership models and when to apply them
Understand how the organisational structure and culture can impact leadership styles
Be able to develop and put together performance management plans Understand motivational theories


End of the section, multiple choice questions with a free certificate to be downloaded

Further Learning: 

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Estimated Time: Micro @ 2hrs | 241 online learners enrolled

Difficulty: Beginner


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Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Coach

Digital marketing student

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7 replies added

  1. Jason101 29/09/2018 Reply

    Thanks Robert! Just had this lesson on my iPhone, great to learn whilst I am out and found the content good for me! Interesting on the different leadership styles

    Do you think you can start to have videos to download for when my WiFi is weak?

    • Robert Mitton 29/09/2018 Reply

      Hi, thank you for the comments. This is something which we are looking to work on right now. Stay tuned over the next month and all lessons will be able to download

  2. Susan Murray 14/11/2018 Reply

    I really enjoyed this course, I found this a good first step into learning a new course

  3. Judy 14/11/2018 Reply

    Thank you for this, i would like to see more detail in the next course. However, this was great and it hit the spot! The comment above should not be seen as a negative thing as it was detailed… I am just ready to look at moving up a level now

    • Robert Mitton 14/11/2018 Reply

      We are going to add more levels across 2019… watch this space!

  4. Carole 01/12/2018 Reply

    There was so much useful content and expiation of the theories !

  5. Hillary102 22/12/2018 Reply

    great – really liked how it was broken down into sections, could lessons be able to download in the future?

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