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Well managed innovation and change lead directly to the improvement of a business’ competitive advantage. New products, services, materials, processes and markets all drive business efficiency and attract new customers so helping businesses meet their objectives.

In this course, you will learn about the need for innovation and change in businesses. Many, such as aerospace and pharmaceutical firms actively seek to innovate by investing in research and development activity. Businesses want to offer more profitable products and services, customers want cheaper and better products and services and regulators impose legal requirements on markets.
To understand the right culture and management style to develop innovation
To establish ways in which innovative culture can be developed
Understand key change management models which can help to implement innovation
End of section activities, you can speak to your coaches about the answers in private message or in the community
Multiple choice questions at the end of each section

Further Learning: 

We recommend that you combine this course with Strategic Planning and Coaching and Learning to help develop and innovate the team


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Estimated Time: Micro @ 2hrs | 166 online learners enrolled

Difficulty: Beginner


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Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Author

Digital marketing student

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Review on Innovation and Change
By: Josh Morgan

I think this was good, it was interesting to see how the change management is linked to innovation. I would like to see more courses just focusing on change and the problems which we have as managers in a company

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  1. Linda Greggs 14/11/2018 Reply

    The different sections of this course are interesting. I found that the use of this interesting for me as I am in a position of looking at innovation and how I can look at processes in the business. Thank you for this.

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