Diversity, Inclusion and Equality


Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are ideal for staff in any sector; this course provides you with an understanding of how the values, opinions and prejudices of an individual can influence those around them, and how this can lead to discrimination. You will gain awareness of the value of equality, diversity and inclusion and will be encouraged to promote equal opportunities in the workplace, community and society.

Objectives of the course:

To understand the terminology of Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity and how to develop it within different areas of society

Be able to understand the inequalities in society Develop a keen understanding of the nine protected characteristics

To understand how diversity makes a stable workplace and the consequences of not following legislation

Further Learning 

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Course Information

Estimated Time: Micro @ 2hrs | 71 online learners enrolled

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Author

Digital marketing student

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  1. Josh Morgan 04/07/2018 Reply

    This was a good course, I found this useful to help top up some of my exisiting skills, I thought it was useful to look back and see how it relates more to the transcultural leadership model and how culture can help to make the business stronger.

  2. wael Ahmed1 21/11/2018 Reply

    Thank you, the insight and the information which has been given from this course has been good. I have enjoyed looking and passing the content onto my team as we need to look at updating all the work which we are doing in this area. The course is well planned and laid out and good for the new and refreshment information which we need

  3. Shivani 22/12/2018 Reply

    Interesting and well laid out. I have found the course a good starting point for me to now look and develop more content on this

  4. Emma Wilson 11/01/2019 Reply

    A good course which has allowed me to top up the skills. Certificate was good and easy to download for my CPD

  5. jackie 09/09/2019 Reply

    A good course which has allowed me to top up my knowledge and skills. I have been happy with learning and using this for my workplace training

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