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This is a “How to” event, within 30 minutes of this live recording of the lesson, you will gather some key information in developing the basics and understanding how to grow an effective and engaging online session with a minimal budget.

Objectives of the session

Develop an understanding of planning and preparation

Understanding the different lesson styles which include animation, piece to camera and live class

Value how an LMS software and support the needs of your organisation and the content you are producing

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Course Information

Estimated Time: Live event @ 30 minutes | 109 Online Learners Enrolled

Difficulty: Beginner

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Course Instructor

Robert Mitton Robert Mitton Author

I am the founder of BRITEthink.... connect with me on Twitter @bobbymitton I am an author of a book "How to build a community in your business" which is being published by Motivational Press in Spring 2018

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  1. Daniel F 21/11/2018 Reply

    Great, but I feel I need to know more!!

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