Career Goals

Career Goals

As we look into a new year, sometimes it’s important to understand what lies ahead. Although this may be a time of developing and making many new years resolutions, you need to think about what you’re going to do and where your career will take you.

Focusing on your career goals in the New Year is going to be one of extreme importance, will you be staying within the same organisation and growing internally? Do you have a promotion in mind? Or, will you will take a sidewards step into a new career?

At such an early stage, you need to start thinking about your goals… where do you see yourself at the end of the year or in that 2-5 year timescale! For some people, the jump may be too high initially which is why you need to break the goals down into smaller steps. This could be to grow and develop yourself through learning or take on a more active approach whilst learning in the workplace through fellow peers.

A few things which you need to think about first:

Where do you see yourself in 2 – 5 years?

Do you need to learn or develop on the job?

Do you need guidance and support from others?

If the learning and development side is something which you want to take care of, you need to be able to understand if you would like classroom experience or online? For many people, the classroom option is not always an option with increasing work pressure and family life which is why we look to online methods.

Microlearning is increasing in popularity, within a whole evening, you can look through online course materials which are going to support you whilst learning in bite-sized chunks. This is something which we are achieving through BRITEthink’s Career Goals 2019 programme. This is where someone can come onto the site and gain free membership to leadership, strategy, marketing courses and much much more!!! With the support of an online coach and guidance, the courses are simple and can be completed over the course of an evening.

So think about it, which is the best route for you to take? Not everyone is the same learning and you may want to leave us your details via BRITEthink chat so one of our community managers can talk to you more about your current options.

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