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BRITEthink for business is the perfect way to develop teams in your organisation. We have the skills to develop online programmes, face to face or blended approaches to learning. Our online learning can be personalised and designed to suit your needs. Alternatively, we have a range of pre-existing courses which we can adapt to business.

Our team have a robust work-based training background, with training careers starting with TUI Group PLC and Selfridges & Co. We use the skills and methods of training and assessment from career backgrounds in vocational training and apprenticeships and blend it with our style, course structure and BRITEthink signature.

We are qualified assessors and deliver in-house content; we are also a CPD member, which means that a selection of the courses which we offer has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted CPD guidelines.

We work to the budget and requirements of your business, following an initial meeting to discuss your wants and needs. we will develop the first stage of planning. We can work to a learning and development budget per employee or a set fee to for a blended content delivery per month over a set period of time.

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The specific training and key focus which I gained from leadership and management has allowed us to look at strategy and how we can implement this into the department.

The time which we had in a group and on a one to one basis was highly supportive to the development of personal growth.

I enjoyed the great links between the blended learning options, it helped me to research knowledge before we met in person.

The motivation which I got from Robert helped me to work through the programme, the one to one support was great in personal development.

What we valued the most was that the learning and development happened on a monthly basis with frequent support.

The content and the preparation for the courses were well planned and helped with the practical work which I needed to implement into my portfolio.

The support was perfect, all the learning was directly linked to what we do and how we can improve what we do!!


We can develop a bespoke training programme based on your needs and budgets, alternatively, we can speak to you in more detail about monthly training plans.

Some examples of Learning and Development areas we can focus on:

Leadership | Management | Retail | Customer Service | Business | Sales | Travel & Tourism | Change Management | Strategic Planning | Organisational Culture | Project & Operations Management | Innovation | Business Planning | Implementing Technology | Presentation | Business Admin | Team Building | Community Building | Business Process Reengineering | Resilience | Strategic Marketing | Learning and Development | Health and Safety | Safeguarding and more…

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