Apprenticeship and Vocational Learning


BRITE future was set up to help connect people to a range of courses and apprenticeship options. We focus on helping candidates to access to a variety of options in business, customer service, leadership and sales opportunities.

Apprenticeship options: 


We can help anyone aged 16+ gain access to an apprenticeship opportunity in business, service and leadership. We help to deliver the learning elements and to find the right employer/employee match. UK apprenticeships are proving to be a popular way for candidates to earn and learn which is helping to raise the bar on great opportunities in the job market.

Apprenticeship options are funded with no learning loans to apply for, the assessment of an apprenticeship programme is practical and designed to help the candidate develop and to benefit the employer. We aim to build up a good working relationship with both the employer and employee to ensure everyone gets the best results from the learning opportunity.

We have recently started to deliver level 5 apprenticeships in leadership and management. 

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BTEC Course options:

BTEC Level 3 Diploma – Business

We have a range of level 3 business options. These include; 30, 60, 90 and 120 credits. You can complete a 30 credit course in 3 months or a 120 credit option which is worth 2 A Levels in 8 months- 1 year.

 You can achieve your level 3 course to then gain access to higher education, we will speak to you individually and plan a personal development path for you to take.

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The BTEC Level 3 diploma can be studied to help get your career to the next level or develop your business acumen. With flexible intakes and guidance on a 1:1 basis or online, this business course can provide you with the relevant skills to implement into work or to lead you onto higher education. The course can be completed on campus in South-East London or online which can give you the flexibility to learn around your current job or whilst you develop your start-up.

Why choose BRITE? 

We offer total flexibility with this course, we have options on time slots and days where you can come into class and we also have all the learning modules uploaded onto an online resource incase you are busy one week and can’t make it to college. Our tutor gives feedback on work outside the classroom via Email or connecting over social media and we also invite you to additional seminars and events related to your work across London, Including Google Campus and other tech hubs.

Units covered on the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diploma (120 credits):

The Business Environment
Business Resources
Introduction to Marketing
Business Communication
Business Accounting
Market Research
Internet Marketing
Recruitment & Selection in Business
Human Resource Management
Aspects of Contract & Business Law
Understanding Health & Safety in the Workplace
Starting a Small Business

Choosing this option will enable you to learn at a pace that is right for you with personal support and online lectures. We also provide additional seminars to help you with practical elements of business.

Delivering a recent marketing seminar to entrepreneurs

We are now proud to be working with an institution of higher education in central London. Upon completion of this course, we can help you to obtain your degree in university style campus. Please refer to the higher education course section for more details.


This course, alongside our other BTEC courses are funded by the governments 24+ advanced learning loan scheme. Please refer to that section for more information. Click here for more information about funding.

Entry Requirements:

We take students onboard with a varied background, we can help you if you left school with poor or little GCSE’s or equivalent. Please contact us and we will arrange an appointment for you regardless of your background