Strategic Planning for Leaders

Strategic planning enables businesses and leaders to have clear objectives and formulate a plan to achieve them. Companies who undertake strategic planning have a better understanding of where the industry currently stands and what changes it can implement to reach its goals. At the outset, the management or leadership committee (or organisation management) need to […]

A Guide to Leadership

There are different concepts about management and leadership and the function that it has on a business. It is essential for me to be able to understand the main principles of leadership and management in the market and how they can help the company to make the business goals. One of the first things that […]

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Motivation in business

  Join courses in this subject area for FREE Large companies like to use rewards to increase the productivity in a workplace, instead of offering “carrot” rewards to boost performance as a quick fix, other permanent rewards to constantly keep employees happy are introduced, schemes like this are often referred to as wellness programs. The […]

BLOG: Coaching in Business

  You hear the term coaching being thrown around a lot in business, but what is it and are we doing it right? Join courses in this subject area for FREE It’s important to understand that coaching in the workplace takes a different view on the subject compared to that of sports of a vocal […]