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Israel Edtech Summit

We have been involved in the Israel Edtech summit which is currently taking place in Tel Aviv. This event is a collaboration of innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs and those who want to inspire and develop students to achieve more. Throughout the event, there has been a variety of different ways in which we look at challenging […]

Building Skills For The Future

Taken from BETT 2019… There were many talking heads around this event over the four days of understanding how we can prepare young people to have the skills for future employment. There were interesting discussions which were based on this subject which led to the understanding that the technology which future children will be working […]

Career Goals

Career Goals

As we look into a new year, sometimes it’s important to understand what lies ahead. Although this may be a time of developing and making many new years resolutions, you need to think about what you’re going to do and where your career will take you. Focusing on your career goals in the New Year […]