2017 – The Year So Far!

As we are wanting to keep you connected with all the updates and what is happening at BRITE, this blog will explain 2017 to date. We started off the year with a tour of our “Building a Community in Your Business” workshop which took Robert to London, Manchester, Tel Aviv and Berlin. The workshops were a great success and had helped to develop individuals thoughts on improving the business culture in their organisation.



Working alongside Knowledge Through Growth (KTG) in London has allowed us to focus on the development of individuals on level four and five leadership and management courses. The candidates on this programme are progressing well and developing new skills while showcasing their current competencies. This project is currently ongoing, and we have been working hard to develop those candidates on the course across the UK.

And finally, Robert’s book on building a community in a business is now in full swing, we started to promote the book online back in February, and now this is being written to completion and aiming to be available to buy in 2018. A new website to support the book will be launched later in the year.



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