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BRITEthink for business is the perfect way to develop teams in your organisation. We have the skills to develop online programmes, face to face or blended approaches to learning. Our online learning can be personalised and designed to suit your needs. Alternatively, we have a range of pre-existing courses which we can adapt to business.

Our team have a robust work-based training background, with training careers starting within TUI Group PLC and Selfridges & Co. We use the skills and methods of training and assessment from career backgrounds in vocational training and apprenticeships and blend it with our style, course structure and BRITEthink signature.

We are qualified assessors and deliver in-house content; we are also a CPD member, which means that a selection of the courses which we offer has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted CPD guidelines

BRITEthink Case Studies 

Blended Learning

Case study - GLSB

We have been working alongside GLSB to support them with a blended approach to learning and development. We designed a specific course to suit their needs based on an increase in service and sales from the team before the training taking place, we worked with the team members to understand their individual needs and built the course around them and the business aims.

We worked with the client to produce three days of group training over two weeks alongside one to one coaching to ensure that we were meeting the individual needs of the person. The sessions were designed to be instructor and learner led throughout the day, we implemented a flipped learning style of training which is where the theory and workbook learning was delivered on a private online page which we had designed, this allowed us to use the information which we had provided online to be discussed with the group the following day.

Our online approach to learning and development consisted of different animation and live video sessions with a separate podcast. It was great to cover some essential theory elements of the course before the training took place, this then allowed the sessions to be more practical.



Working with KTG

We have been supporting KTG with the delivery of level 5 learning for a range of organisations in which we have been working with leaders and managers across multiple organisations on a one to one basis. We have set up regular monthly meetings with each person and delivered a range of different content including online, live sessions which have been in keeping with the monthly themes of leadership, strategy, budget management, innovation and change management to strategic planning.

We delivered the courses timely with a range of businesses from The Chelsea Foundation, Reed, Bupa, Islington Council, Hackney Council and SME to third sector organisations.

Workshop Case Study

Supporting a range of startup businesses with workshops, we delivered the sessions in London, Manchester, Berlin and Tel Aviv. We worked with practical content in business and creative leadership. We used the different views and perspectives of different cultures and connected the workshops and the ideas together through a digital brainstorming exercise.

We implemented a number of theories and spoke about many different case studies to dissect the right working culture which is going to support and develop high innovation and productivity in the business. Video and keynote style information was used and the workshops were split into subgroups which developed and worked on projects which they fed back to the main session.


We can develop a bespoke training programme based on your needs and budgets, alternatively, we can speak to you in more detail about monthly training plans.


Some examples of Learning and Development areas we can focus on:

Leadership | Management | Retail | Customer Service | Business | Sales | Travel & Tourism | Change Management | Strategic Planning | Organisational Culture | Project & Operations Management | Innovation | Business Planning | Implementing Technology | Presentation | Business Admin | Team Building | Community Building

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